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  • Trattoria in Moncucco Torinese

    All Turin cuisine

    The trattoria in Moncucco Torinese, Trattoria deal Freisa is an historical place where regional cuisine dominates with a lot of traditional specialities, local ingredients and dishes suitable to any taste.

    Past and present pleasantly unite in a unique service and the careful attention towards food intolerances and a gluten free cuisine reflects a natural sensibility towards the most different needs expressed by various customers.

    Though, every propose inspires to the classical and pure tradition that is expression of a food civilisation and lives still pure and genuine.

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    Si informa la gentile Clientela che la Trattoria del Freisa a partire dal giorno 22 Gennaio 2018 al 5 Febbraio 2018

    restera' chiusa per ferie. Le normali attivita' riprenderanno il giorno 6 Febbraio.

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  • A tradition that has gone on for more than 30 years

    Trattoria Del Freisa is an historical trattoria in Moncucco Torinese. It has been opened in 1981 and it inspires to passion of real tradition and local story lovers.

    The restaurant is located inside the eighteenth-century areas, in an historical building that hosts dining rooms, cellar and kitchen.

    It is rustic location, but comfortable. In the past, it was a slaughterhouse and a freezer, but now it has been restored and it is destined to host people for ceremonies or work lunches.

    The cellar is the highest expression if this philosophy of Trattoria del Freisa, that proposes excellent wines thanks also to historical places and little recesses where the wine was preserved.

    The internal spaces are then subdivided in a small bar, a room at the first floor with a fireplace. Outdoor there is a space for 25 people.

    The trattoria opens in the following hours: from Tuesday to Sunday from 7.30am to 12.00am, it is closed the Sunday after Epiphany and it opens again the week before Valentine’s Day.

  • Meat, wine, all local products

    Inside the Wine Shop of Moncucco Torinese there are wine producers of the area and they all together propose to customer’s wine produced by them. 

    Moreover, the raw materials they use in the kitchen are all selected among the local products. 

    The bread is baked at the restaurant and also the fresh pasta: agnolotto, tagliatella and gnocchi.

    There is also typical meat of the region such as Fassona calf, Albese, battuta or the famous scottata made by a little slice of meat, something like a pailard cooked on the plate and seasoned by the chef, also white meat is bought by a producer in Capriglio.

    Cheese is local and they are excellent and they are made by goat and sheep milk and they are bought at the local Cascina Aris. Season Fruit and vegetables are bought in a little village on Asti hills that is a genuine and natural place.

  • A wide choice of delicious foodA wide choice of delicious food

    A wide choice of delicious food

    The trattoria in Moncucco Torinese inspires and adapt food to satisfy the different needs expressed by customers.

    Anyway, it proposes always a Moncucco Torinese typical menu, which means local and regional dishes, inspired by the tradition and realised with local products or excellence products bought in the province.

  • Wines of Piedmontese vinesWines of Piedmontese vines

    Wines of Piedmontese vines

    The trattoria in Moncucco Torinese hosts also the Bottega del vino, an association of local wine producers that was born in 1981.

    This association is also a special display for the best wine brand of the territory included between the Turin hills and Asti hills and it is useful for tastings or purchases of niche products and of prododucts with DOP tags.

  • Parties and celebrations of any type

    Parties and celebrations of any type

    The trattoria in Moncucco Torinese isn’t only a restaurant or a cellar, but it is also a suggestive location. Thanks to its historical spaces and an intimate and rustic frame, the management organises and hosts events of any type with food service, reception and entertainment for parties, ceremonies, banquets, working lunch and promotional events.

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