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  • Typical Menu of Moncucco Torinese

    Trattoria Del Freisa proposes a typical menu in Moncucco Torinese, in concrete it is a selection of characteristic, regional and local dishes inspired by the tradition and realised with first choice ingredients, local ingredients or ingredients bought by excellent realities of the province.

    A lot of different proposes, adapted to any occasion from informal lunches to an intimate dinner or a party with friends and a stylish ceremony.

    It is reserved great attention to people suffering from food intolerances, people following specific diets or life ideologies.

    All this lead to a reconsideration or an adaptation of some dishes in order to satisfy all the needs expressed by the customers.

    Every propose is prepared and offered to the public according to the season with the précis aim to exclusively use raw material of great quality, safe, fresh and traceable.

    We don't use frozen or long-life food because we prefer daily fresh, biological and local food.

    Although there are available homemade bread and fried fish all the yearlong and these are 2 delicious and unforgettable things!

    Moreover, the restaurant offers the possibility to organise company dinners, ceremonies, confer noes, events and parties selecting or agreeing upon with the chef and the management the specific proposes in the menu.

    All dishes are studied and personalised, all at prices that is possible to agree upon, but they are always extremely flexible and competitive.

    For that reason, we organise parties and events at interesting prices with an accurate and detailed service from the reception to the setting up, from the service to tables.

    For more detailed information or to benefit from the service of organisation and personalisation of the menu, we ask you to call some time before the management of the restaurant at the written number.

  • Some menu proposes

    Here some of the special proposes of the typical menu in Moncucco Torinese. They have been studied by the chefs of the Trattoria del Freisa.

    They are tasty and original, but at the same time they are classical and respectful of the local tradition.

    They suit any circumstance and they can be modified and adapted according to the requests:

    Speciale Merenda Sinoira is organised on Friday and Sunday upon reservation and we propose a cutting board with cured meat and cheese, a wine glass, a dessert and the coffee at 15€.

    Lunch on Monday to Friday with first course, main course and side dish, dessert, coffee and 1/4 of wine at 10€.

    Special Gran Fritto is available all nights upon reservation and composed by two starters of the Piedmontese tradition, a Gran Fritto, a traditional dessert, coffee and wine of the producer of Bottega del vino of Moncucco Torinese at 20€ all included.

    You have to try: choose the event or the propose you prefer and call Trattoria deal Freisa to make a reservation.